Uniting Christ's Church in Elk Grove with our local community to demonstrate love and compassion.

It is our hope that our local churches will focus outwardly and partner with the city, neighborhoods, schools and organizations in a mobilized effort to care for the oppressed, restore broken relationships and bring healing to all of Elk Grove.

"Becoming the Best Church for the Community"

Better Together!

habitat-wall-1That is the idea behind The Church at Elk Grove. Within our city of 160,000 people there are 50+ congregations who are making a significant impact through their individual ministries.  But what would happen if the “churches” in Elk Grove worked together as The Church at Elk Grove?

The concept of The Church at Elk Grove was given birth by a couple of passionate local guys over a lunch meeting in the spring of 2009. Coming out of the woodworks, with the same burden to unify Christ’s Church in our city, other local pastors joined in with them. Relationships began to develop, synergy was forming and the idea of working together instead of independently was growing. By July, 20 local pastors have joined just by word of mouth. Somewhere along the way, we latched on to the idea of joining the Sacramento region effort of CityHope 2009, headed by Bayside Church, as our first unified campaign.

Though the Sacramento region-wide campaign was postponed until May 2010, the Elk Grove pastors decided to move forward, with Bayside’s blessing, with the original launch date of September 13. Elk Grove CityHope 2009 was then born and now here we are…

…hopeful to reclaim God’s original plan and design for His Church. We may have many voices and many campuses, but we are all the Body of Christ with ONE message to our beloved community: CHRIST, HIM crucified and resurrected. It is our mission to reach the city of Elk Grove with the Hope of God’s love.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and campaigns!
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